Cereal Café Expanding Throughout U.K.

Breakfast cereal is a breakfast that the entire family can enjoy together.  College students often indulge in breakfast cereal all throughout the day; who says it can only be consumed in the morning? Two super hip and highly tattooed guys in England wanted to share their adoration for cereal with the world by opening the Cereal Killer Café. Their menu is about as simple as it comes- cereal, milk, and juice. Try a combination picked out by the breakfast loving duo or stick to an old favorite. Either way these guys have already sold over 20,000 bowls of cereal and are ready to keep expanding. They are set to open another cafe in London shortly. Clearly Alan and Gary Keery (twins) have started a new and growing food trend in the UK.  Read about his love for cereal in his Newswire article.

One thought on “Cereal Café Expanding Throughout U.K.

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