Charles Koch Now Turns his Attention to Hilary Clinton.

Charles Koch has now admitted that Hilary Clinton could be their favorite candidate than a Republican for president. Charles and his brother David Koch are part of an extensive political network referred to as Koch Network that has been consistently criticized for large contributions made to conservative political groups in the United States. Charles Koch even continued to tell ABC news that Bill Clinton was a better president than George W. Bush. When asked if they would prefer Hilary Clinton and not a Republican candidate, Koch expressed his facts clear that the option is very possible.

Koch brothers currently regarded as the most influential conservatives’ political donors in the United States said they won’t spend their $400 million to block Donald Trump’s nomination as the Republican Candidate. This move translates to another setback for the billionaires to block the nomination of Trump. According to James Davis, the spokesman for Freedom Partners, Koch network will not be involved in the Republican primaries and he did not elaborate what the plans were for the November elections.

The latest move is countering the stand they took at the beginning of the year to oppose Trump to win the Republican presidential nomination. Koch brothers through their political network, Koch Network, are usually very hesitant to be involved in the primary. In the eve of the Iowa causes, Koch Network held a private meeting to discuss how they could use Trumps weaknesses to prevent him clinch the nomination.

Charles Koch is one of the Koch brothers and CEO of Koch Industries. He owns 42 percent of Koch Industries, a company he and his brother inherited from their father Fred C. Koch. It is not the first time Koch and his Brother David (Commonly known as Koch brothers) has been involved in political matters. Koch brothers through their network called Koch network, and other allies contributed about $400 million towards the campaign to defeat the current President Barrack Obama.

Charles Koch has, however, supported many policies such as free market-oriented educational organizations such as Mercatus Center at George Mason University and Institute for Humane Studies. He has donated to various political groups in both Republican and Democratic parties and candidates. Charles is dedicated to contributing to charity and cultural institutions. For instance, Koch Cultural Trust was founded by his wife, Elizabeth. Koch brothers have been involved in funding the creative artists and artistic projects in America.

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