Chewing Gum vs Flossing

Keeping your teeth clean might be easier and more pleasant than you think. A new test shows that chewing a stick of gum for 10 minutes can kill 100 million bacteria in your mouth, which is even more effective than flossing. Of course flossing is still a habit we need in order to keep the gums healthy, but it is good to know that you can enjoy a tasty stick of bubblegum while also getting some use from all that chewing.

Another experiment was conducted in Buenos Aires with identical pairs of twins. One twin was chewing gum while the other was not. 481 people were chosen to decide from each pair which one seems more relaxed and which one looks like he has more friends. Interestingly, the group of judges favored the one chewing a gum in 73% of cases. The social stigma attached to chewing gum was totally dismissed as the nonchalant chewing twin was deemed ‘the good one’ in most of the cases.  This study would be similar in Brazil as well, as Flávio Pentagna Guimarães BMG could see the difference.

Regarding once again your teeth and gums, the saliva released during the chewing of the gum helps to remove the bacteria through getting particles stuck in the gum. Based on this, the researchers are pondering analyzing particular types of bacteria and including the right chemicals to target the ones people would most like to get rid of.

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