China Agrees to Resume the Importation of US Beef

The United States’ beef farmers currently have a new market for their products after China announced that it would resume its US beef imports. The Chinese had stopped the importation of the product in 2003. The two countries have completed the procedures that are involved, and therefore, the US exporters can get ready to send their first shipments to China after 14 years. The trade between China and the United States will be beginning in mid-July, and it will help in boosting the economic ties between the two countries.


According to the VP of China Center for International Economic Exchanges, Wei Jinguo, trade between the two countries will increase this year with the Chine importing more products from the United States. President Donald Trump and President Xi Jinping had negotiations to improve trade between the two countries and exporting US beef to China was part of the 100-day action strategy. The US Department of Agriculture believes that this is a critical step. The two presidents met in April in Palm Beach, Florida, and their meeting is proving to be highly productive. By May, the US and China had made significant steps, and they revealed their results in industries such as energy, electronic payments, financial services, and agriculture.


The US farmers greatly depend on exports to make their profits. The country currently exports about 50 percent of its farm products. The Chinese banned beef imports in 2003 after there was a scare of mad cow disease, and the United State government has been making unfruitful attempts to reopen the market. The current leader of the US National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, Craig Uden, believes that China’s step reflects that they currently trust in the excellent quality and safety of US beef. He hopes that this would be the beginning of the long lasting and mutual relationship between the two countries. USDA said that the meat that should be exported to China should be from cattle that are free from growth promoters and less than 30 months old.

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