ClassDojo Continues Growth and Receives Capital Investment

Education is one of the most important factors that can determine the future professional and personal success of a young person. While all parents are aware that education is very important, many find that they are not able to communicate enough with teachers to fully understand what is going on with their kid’s education. Fortunately, a Silicon Valley tech company has developed an application that will help to bridge the communication gap.

Two young tech professionals in recent years moved to Silicon Valley and quickly came up with the idea to help improve classroom communication. The young entrepreneurs developed a new application called Class Dojo, which is taking the education industry by storm. The application was first launched just over five years ago, but has gone through several different iterations and is continuing to grow in popularity with teachers, parents, and students.

The application, which can be found in with their Google or Apply application store, is now being used by millions of people on a regular basis. In total, it is estimated that two thirds of all schools across the country are currently using the application and that schools in nearly 200 different countries have used it to some capacity. The application is very simple to use and clearly creates an advantage for those that use it. The application allows teachers, parents, and students to communicate and get information a variety of different ways.

Some of the most common ways that the application is used include allowing teachers to share syllabuses and classroom schedule, allowing teachers to post grades for parents to see, and even for students to find slides of class presentations. While the application has provided plenty of communication and file sharing capabilities, it is believed that the Class Dojo app still has plenty of room for growth.

The Class Dojo application has also become very popular with investors. Those that are in the venture capital and private equity industry have frequently targeted Class Dojo as an investment. Earlier this year, the company was a headliner at the TechCrunch conference and they were able to attract a wide range of investors. In the past year alone the company has raised over $20 million in capital, which will be used to develop new uses for the application and to market the application to a broader group of customers.

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