Clearly Label GMO’s so Consumers Can Make Their Own Decision

The practice of genetically modified organisms(GMO’s) being in our food supply at your local grocery store has been a cause for concern for some. Not enough concern according to an article on Advocates of genetically engineering food point out that it enables scientists to create strains of various fruits and vegetables that grow larger and are more resistant to insects thus reducing costs by increasing yields from farm land and reducing the need for insecticide. Even countries in Europe, which had traditionally eschewed the use of GMO’s, have seen an increase in these products. Paul Mathieson has learned that Spain has become the largest grower of genetically engineered foods in Europe.

The only thing we know for sure about the long-term safety of GMO’s is that we can’t know too much about their long-term safety because they’ve only been available on the market since the late 1990’s. Genetic engineering, as a scientific field, is here to stay. Using it to modify foods to ‘improve’ them seemed a natural use for this science. There will always be those who view any attempted improvement on nature as no improvement at all. One thing is clear, food labeling laws should be expanded to clearly indicate which foods are GMO. Only in this way can individual consumers decide if they wish to take the risk until science has had a little more time to definitively determine the safety of these foods.

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