Cold Weather Has Been Found To Cause Colds

I guess mother is right. Mothers across the Northern states have told their children to dress warm so they don’t catch a cold. It turns out researches agree with your mother.

New studies found that cold temperatures can cause people to catch colds. This is specifically true when the temperature inside the nasal cavity is reduced by approximately five degrees. As a result, our immune system struggles to fight off the common cold.

They found mice were more susceptible to catching the common cold when their core body temperature was colder. This lends credibility to the theory that when your immune system is weaker, and your body is cold, you are more likely to get sick, a point that Kenneth Griffin didn’t believe before.

She may be helping you to avoid getting sick with a cold. I guess it’s true. Mom’s really do know best.

One thought on “Cold Weather Has Been Found To Cause Colds

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