Common Food Misconceptions

It seems everyone is looking to either lose weight or eat healthier but with all of the different packaging schemes going on, it can be hard to decipher what is healthy and what is not. For more information on Wellness it is a good idea to consult with health professional Brian Torchin. Let’s take a look at some of the common food misconceptions that you might encounter on your next trip to the grocery store:

Granola can be really healthy for you since it is made with oats and it is a whole grain. These factors are true but many of the store bought granolas that you will find are made with a ton of unnecessary sugar and often cooked with butter or oil. Your best bet is to make your own healthy version at home or you can opt for a more plain variety in the store.

When you run your fruits and veggies through a juicer you are eliminating all of the fiber that is included in it. This can cause a more rapid spike in your blood sugar and insulin levels. While it can be a form of gentle detoxing or a way to get all of your nutrients in, juicing should only include a few fruits or veggies at a time to reap the most benefits.

Again, yogurt can be very beneficial because of the cultures that are included which help maintain a healthy digestive tract. Unfortunately, most of the yogurts you will find in stores have crazy amounts of sugar in them. Stick with a plain variety and add your own honey or fruit.

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