Crickets And Eggs for Breakfast

It is hard to think where our food will be coming from in the future. People never think when they go to the grocery store where the eggs, milk, vegetables, and meat come from. It is not only those few products, but what comes from them. Milk for example, is used in cheese, whey products, cottage cheese, butter, supplements, sour cream, ice cream, and many other products. So when the milk is gone, so is the rest.

Maybe city farmers have the right idea. They have very little land that they need, no large equipment to purchase or repair, the manure would not be an issue, the taxes would be affordable and the vet bills would be few. Welcome to cricket farming. The new idea of farming crickets in the city to provide an emergency food source. Although crickets have been used in many products all ready on the market and considered a good source of protein, for some of us, we still want that nice juicy steak with our eggs.

How do you get people who live outside of rural areas to understand that food is not produced by a grocery store? That the store only provides the goods that came from a farm. That farms are going out of business everyday and no one seems to care. The only farms that are surviving are the ones that are big enough to take advantage of tax breaks that the smaller farms can not take advantage of. What is sad is most of those farmers who have been working so hard generation after generation, would be the first ones who would give you dinner if you were hungry. Now the farmers are hungry and who will feed them?

In some areas, there are more people taking advantage of going to local farmers markets for produce. That helps for some of them, but not enough to keep the bills paid for most farms. The new farm bill comes out in 2018. Agriculture was never mentioned in the State of the Union address. Understandably we have a lot of issues that are important that were mention such as prescriptions and roads, but if we as a country do not make changes, how will we feed everyone?

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