Detailed Look at Beneful Dog Food

Beneful is a leading private brand that manufactures a variety of dog foods. Pet owners who feed their dogs wet or dry foods can explore Beneful’s various meal choices. Beneful also produces many dog treats. Introduced to stores in 2001, Beneful’s main focus is on providing canines with well-rounded nutrition. The brand is owned by Nestle Purina Petcare, a St. Louis, Missouri Nestle division.

Beneful has a large assortment of dry foods for dogs. Kibble fans can get their daily nutrition from diverse products, all with their own specific benefits. Beneful aims to create dry foods that are made up of wholesome components, with appealing textures and tastes. Pet owners who want to give their dogs’ energy levels boosts can purchase Beneful’s “Playful Life” dry dog food. Owners of overweight dogs can purchase the brand’s “Healthy Weight” kibble. Beneful also makes “Healthy Smile,” “Healthy Radiance,” and “Healthy Growth for Puppies” dry food formulas. An original formula is available, too.

Wet food is another Beneful priority. The brand’s moist meals include salmon, beef, pork. chicken, turkey and lamb formulas. Their wet dog foods are available in chopped blend and canned versions. Some of Beneful’s available wet food products include Prepared Meals chicken stew, Chopped Blends in Salmon, Prepared Meals lamb and rice stew and Tuscan style medleys with beef. Dog owners can select their pets’ wet meals based on their specific dining preferences and nutritional needs. Beneful aims to accommodate the varying dietary needs and tastes of all types of canines.

Pet lovers who want to reward their animals with tasty treats can check out Beneful’s extensive snack line. Beneful’s snacks are made in two distinct categories, which are “Baked Delights” and “Healthy Smile.” One example of a Beneful snack is the Stars with Bacon and Cheese Baked Delights. These shortbread cookie treats give dogs the taste thrills of cheese and bacon. Other flavors that appear in Beneful’s various dog treats are artificial and natural peanut butter, chicken and beef. Healthy Smile twists are another Beneful snack example. These are dental dog treats that aim to improve the health of canine teeth. The treats are made out of peanut butter flavors and authentic parsley. These snacks aim to minimize tartar and plaque on dogs’ teeth, which are dental woes that are common in humans, too. The dental treats also provide dogs with extra calcium. This additional calcium is beneficial for promoting healthy teeth.

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