Doctors Prescribing Fruits and Vegetables in Promising Test Program

Too often doctors are quick to tell their patients to take some pills to handle what ails them. In the case of obesity, this may not be the best solution. A program being tested in a few area hospitals in New York City has found that prescribing fruits and vegetables may be a better approach to the problem of obesity in general and to childhood obesity in particular.

When the obese children of poor parents are enrolled in this program their parents receive what are called Health Bucks that are redeemable only at local farmers markets. This is a great way of insuring that the money only goes toward healthy food that should help the child both lose weight and be healthier in general. Brad Reifler definitely feels like this is the right move.

This is an encouraging trend in New York and in cities in 30 other States that have similar programs. Natural health care practitioners such as nutritionists have long known the healing power of healthy foods. By snacking on fruits and vegetables instead of donuts and cookies children are losing weight and reducing their risk of acquiring an array of maladies.

After just four months in the program 40 percent of participating children lowered their Body mass index. These types of innovative food programs are helping to improve the diet and as a result the health of low income families.

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  1. The drug industry may not like this trend, but everyone else should be quite pleased by the initial results of prescribing fruits and vegetables to children before they reach a point of needing medication. That goes to show that rushmyessay do have enough of these things and it’s making eveything work out pretty well.

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