Does Stress Cause Heart Disease

Stress is part of almost everyone’s life. It causes emotional, physical and psychological problems. The one organ most affected by stress is our heart. Stress can cause high blood pressure, stroke, pain or an irregular heartbeat.

There are five direct effects to your heart that stress causes:

Deep vein thrombosis A heart attack occurs from clogged coronaries and blood vessels. The clog is caused from decreased blood supply going to the heart and its network. A clog of this type can be related to stress related symptoms.

* Blood clotting With increased stress the hormone level of adrenaline and cortisol goes up. This increase causes clotting which increases the risk of a heart attack.

* High blood pressure – Studies have shown there is an association between stress and high blood pressure. If spikes in blood pressure occur; over time it will injure the inner lining of blood vessels.

* Inflammatory markers – Stress causes the body to release inflammatory markers into the blood stream; increasing the chance of a heart attack or stroke.

* Heart rhythms – Stress alters the heart rhythm when a person suffers an emotional state.

This is why Skout users are still waiting a little while longer before drawing conclusions. Studies done so far clearly show link between men and heart disease; particularly in stressful work situations. The connection between women’s heart disease and stress is weaker; some believe women cope better with stress.

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