Don’t Fret About Your Quinoa Consumption Hurting Peruvian Growers

If you keep up with healthy food news, you know that quinoa is a favorite among health food nuts. Quinoa is a plant that grows naturally in the Andes mountains of South America and especially in the country of Peru.

Many Americans who love to eat quinoa for its tastiness, protein and other health benefits are worried that it will become unaffordable where it grows best in Latin America, but studies have shown that this should not be a concern. The rising prices that have been created because of the demand in the United States and Europe have given better job security and income to individuals in Peru and the entire region who grow it.

When you go to your local grocery store and buy a box or bag of quinoa, you instantly notice that it’s not as cheap as pasta, and this is what should come to your mind and put you at ease when it comes to paying the farmers in Peru. When prices are higher for something in the Western world, there’s more income for the producers of that thing. The money is going directly to Peruvians and Andeans in the region.

If you have never tried quinoa before, it’s a great plant that doesn’t have the carbs that rice or pasta does but still contains tons of protein. For this reason, it’s a particular favorite among individuals who eat a vegetarian or vegan diet and therefore don’t get the necessary amounts of protein in their diets from meat.

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