Dr. Akhil’s Tenure at MB2 Dental

Dr. Akhil Reddy is an influential dental practitioner practicing at MB2 Dental, a dentistry firm that offers dentists the capacity and resources to practice throughout the United States. Dr. Reddy was born in Lubbock, Texas. While at school, he would actively participate in the Red Cross, soccer, and scouting. Way back as a teenager, Reddy knew he would work in an area related to dentistry. Reddy enrolled into the University of the Pacific after being accepted into its Accelerated Dental Program. Here, he earned his B.S. in Biological Sciences. Later on, he enrolled the University of the Pacific’s doctorate class where he received his Doctor of Dental Surgery at the age of 23. After graduation, Dr. Akhil decided to move back to Dallas, Texas, his home state to start his practice.

Since then, Dr. Akhil Reddy has honed his skills in dentistry. Over time, he has broadened his scope by offering dental services to patients at all levels. As a result, he has become an influential member of MB2 Dental.

About MB2 Dental

It’s a dental practice firm started by Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva in 2009. Its mission is to improve dentists practice while enhancing a strong affiliation. Currently, MB2 has over 75 employees in its 60 dental offices across the United States. Dr. Akhil became interested in the dental practice aspect way back as a teenager. Dr. Akhil realized that he was destined to be a dentist after joining the school. His inspiration was driven by the need to improve access to care. While Dr. Akhil never doubted the capability of his ideas to take off, he had to encounter several unexpected challenges. Some were related to accessing working capital and staffing. Even when things became tough, Dr. Akhil soldiered on believing that everything would get well.

Under Dr. Akhil Reddy’s leadership, MB2 devotes to assisting its affiliated dental facilities and offer quality dental care. The dental practice firm looks forward to creating personalized systems to handle nonclinical operations. The concentration on nonclinical issues helps MB2 and its affiliated dental facilities to focus on offering quality dental care and promote good decision making. Since dentists own MB2, it comprehends the needs and challenges of dental practitioners. MB2’s nonclinical management services include:
• Procurement
• Business management
• Compliance
• Training
• Account and Finance

Besides, MB2 has made it easier for dental practitioners to participate in its network through its subscription service. Its mission is to provide unmatched professionalism and cultivate the doctor loyalty. Currently, it has over 70 affiliated dental offices across the United States.

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