Dr. Imran Hague, Achieving Success Out of Expert Communication

Dr. Imran Haque is a physician in Asheboro, North Carolina who is making a difference with his patents everyday. What is he doing different? Irman Haque is committed to bringing back old-fashioned good bedside manner. It is an all too common complaint that in this day and age, with so many advances in medicine, and so may high-tech advances in the medical community, that sometimes a patients cares and concerns go out the window in an effort to save more lives.

Imran Haque believes in practicing patience and compassion along with incorporating advanced technology at Horizon Internal Medicine. Where he practices superb internal medicine. Dr. Imran has been making a difference in medicine treating various illnesses and diseases for over fifteen years. His expertise and concern for his patients community have given him a stellar reputation for providing exceptional, coordinated care.

Imran Haque utilizes new integrated technology to better serve those in his care. With progressive technology available in real-time, streamlining medical records, maintaining accurate records and speeding up referrals for every aspect of a patients care. These strategies can make a huge difference in coordinating quality treatment for quick responsive treatments and better recovery time.

Imran Haque sets himself apart from the average physician by practicing organization and multi-tasking. He says that honing this skill led him to be capable of delivering remarkable results in becoming a successful entrepreneur and in expanding his popular practice.

When asked what an entreprenuer can do do most advance a new business, Imran Hague stated that the one strategy that a new entreprnuer should adhere to is to simply use the golden rule. Truly treat others as you would want to be treated. Build up strong interpersonal relationships. Create an atmosphere of positivity and the word will get out. Make connections that spur easy networking and make professional connections.

Imran Haque is a graduate of The University of Virginia Internal Medicine, Roanoke-Salem Program. He holds qualifications to provide exceptional clinical services like:

*Physical Exams

*Diabetes management

*Weight control services

*Venus body contouring

*360 resurfacing

Imran Hague is professional in each of the medical services he provides. He has performed each exacting procedure several times, giving great attention to detail with every consultation and service.

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