Dr. Mark McKenna has a Very Interesting Story

Dr. Mark McKenna is an entrepreneur who founded OVME, a medical cosmetic practice that will be disrupting the industry. He has been featured on quite a few different media outlets including a CBS television show called “Doctorpreneur,” which highlights successful entrepreneurs in the medical industry. His own journey began when he was working towards a degree at Tulane Medical School. It was there that he realized he would not be making the kind of money he wanted as a doctor and the he would be better off going into business on his own. So, he began to buy up real estate while going to school and would perform physicals for prisoners in his off-time to earn more money to save back.

It wasn’t long after this that Dr. Mark McKenna created McKenna Venture Investments, which was a botique real estate firm that eventually acquired Uptown Title, Inc. and Universal Mortgage Lending. At its height, the company had more than 50 employees and he was earning over $500,000 a year. Things were looking good for the doctor but then Hurricane Katrina hit and destroyed all of his business in New Orleans, which is where everything he had was. After staying for a long enough period to help the city rebuild, he moved to Atlanta, Georgia and started up ShapeMed; a medical cosmetic chain that offered people Botox injections, nutritional advice, laser hair removal, and more.

Dr. Mark McKenna grew ShapeMed to be Atlanta’s top medical aesthetic clinic that had a staff of highly trained medical professionals and nutritional experts. While the company was earning $4 million on a yearly basis and he was bringing in $1 million for himself, he decided to sell it in 2015. He stayed on for around a year helping out as a member of the staff but decided to move on after a private equity bought it out. This is when Dr. Mark McKenna decided to start work on his new company, OVME, which is a chain of cosmetic medical offices that will operate in the United States through an app that allows people to directly connect with freelance medical practitioners who can come right to their home to provide services they need.

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