Dr. Mark McKenna: Treatments Clients Want in the Surroundings They Love

The best thing about Dr. Mark McKenna is that he is never willing to give up on his dreams. In 2005 he lost everything to the ravages of Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana. His boutique real estate company, McKenna Venture Investments, and the other companies acquired under it were completely devastated by the forceful hurricane. Instead of building a successful business, Dr. Mark McKenna was faced with the monumental task of starting over. Lucky for him, that was something he would prove to excel at and the prospect of rebuilding did not get him down. He knew that it was just the first step he would take in a new direction.

Dr. Mark McKenna explained in a recent interview that real estate had always been a very intriguing passion of his. It was difficult to make the decision to break ties with that division of the business world and make a new commitment to medical aesthetics. While his decision was based largely on the fall of the real estate market, Dr. McKenna also had some ground-breaking ideas for the medical aesthetics community. He showed a knack for this brand of medicine and opened his practice, ShapeMed. ShapeMed immediately started drawing attention and experienced a lot of early success. Dr. McKenna relied on his keen business sense and his foundational medical knowledge to grow the company exponentially in its infancy. Eventually, he sold ShapeMed and moved into an executive position with Life Time Fitness Inc.

Throughout his time with ShapeMed, Dr. Mark McKenna made some very keen observations about the medical aesthetics industry. The first was that it seemed to be very cold and clinical. Instead of a warm and inviting office, clients were called into very serious and sterile environments. The second is that customer were often faceless and received blanket care. His solution to these problems was his launch of OVME. OVME gives a very client-focused experience and uses app technology that clients can readily access. They can even have providers come to their homes for treatments such as Botox. Dr. Mark McKenna felt that the customer should be able to get the treatments they want in the surroundings they love.

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