Dumpster Diving Is A Path To Sustainability For One Restauranteur

There is a cafe in the United Kingdom whose main source of menu item ingredients come from the dumpster behind local grocery stores. He dumpster dives for food because he believes that too much food is being wasted by grocers while the poor go hungry. Adam Smith is a 29 year old chef who uses his cafe’s rented space to run a “pay as you feel” establishment. He prepares soups, stews, casseroles and cakes for the nourishment of those who want a good meal.

Soup often gets a bad rap on its own, without the added fact that the ingredients have been salvaged from the trash. Most people think of it something that poor people eat because they can’t afford a real meal. That’s not always true, because Susan McGalla and others will eat plenty of soup despite being able to buy more. But, to Adam’s defense, he has reportedly fed over 10,000 people on the 20 tonnes of unwanted food that he has recovered in the last 10 months without complaints of illness.

His cafe has been inspected for routine health and safety practices and received a three star rating. And, that source of free food dramatically reduces his overhead costs to keep a “pay as you feel” cafe open when similar restaurants are having to go to a base rate pay system to stay afloat.

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