E-Governe System, an Effective Implementation by Instituto Curitiba de Informática – ICI

Managing the State and Municipal Health Secretariats is a difficult task for the Public Administration. However, with the help of e-governe, public and health operations become economic, simpler, and functional. E-governe is the use of communication and information technology to improve the daily activities of organizations in the public sector. E-governe assists in the control of stock distribution from pharmacies, the scheduling of examinations, and consultations as well as vaccines application.

E-Governe Strategy
The integration of units in the health sector has enabled effective appointment schedules, eliminated long service queues, and improved the service quality provided to the public. The e-Governe system also handles bed control in hospitals. Below are several advantages that can be achieved by implementation of e-Governe:

E-Governe controls the flow of patients between Municipalities and various Health Units. The system also improves workflows processes and efficiently manages the financial transfers of municipalities.

Osasco Adopts E-Governe
In São Paulo, Osasco is the fifth largest state based on its population. Osasco is also ranked 23rd among the municipalities in Brazil because of its GDP on assespro.org.br. Osasco is a sustainable and dynamic economy promoted by service providers, industries, and trade companies. Osasco is an important municipality in Brazil that is integrated with the client portfolio of Instituto Curitiba de Informática- ICI. The Osasco municipality situated in Greater São Paulo signed an agreement with Instituto Curitiba de Informática – ICI for e-Governe implementation of management system in Educação school. This system is also used in Teresina, the capital city of Piauí.

ICI will also be responsible for the supply of computer equipment and the installation of the electrical and logical network. ICI will also implement a call center for the Municipal Education Department in São Paulo. Osasco’s e-Governe education program will cover schools totaling to 138 units in the city. E-Governe education promotes uniqueness, integrity, issuance of reports from management on a real-time basis, and quick access to secure information online. The system also provides and avails shared reports to minimize and eliminate chances of rework.

City Hall Trains Servers for E-Governe system
E-Governe is a system that is implemented by Instituto Curitiba de Informática – ICI. Servers of various departments in Teresina Municipality will undergo a training program. This training program will help accelerate the tool implementation of the E-Governe system. According to Miguel Oliveira, the President and Chairman of the Teresinense Data Processing Company, meetings with representatives from the Municipal Education Department, Municipal Finance Department, and the Municipal Heath Department have been held to discuss progress of service optimization at https://books.google.com.br/books?id=jC0PAQAAIAAJ&pg=RA1-PA81&lpg=RA1-PA81&dq=e-governe&source=bl&ots=V79LaxUh5I&sig=u7TA6jHJQqIhgYfGgA6fYQoUtuE&hl=pt-BR&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjOhdOIl7bTAhVFyoMKHfAwCtY4FBDoAQgyMAM.

E-Governe is mainly directed to the human resources management. City Hall aims at expanding the e-Governe system. This expansion is designed to improve the public services offered by the municipality. E-Governe system in Teresina is required to be fully functional because it is an essential system within the municipality. The e-Governe system helps identify problems, speed up the response rate based on the demands and problems, analyze suggestions, and monitor the provision of services that the municipality provides.

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