End Citizens United Seeks to Squash Intention of House Republicans to Reward Mega-Donors

Following a decision by House bill that would slash corporate taxes among the rich and slap middle class families with higher taxes, the President of End Citizens United, Tiffany Muller, released a statement citing that this would be a big step towards undermining democracy. He explained that the GOP tax plan would raise taxes on working and middle class families while giving the wealthiest an undue advantage because they would enjoy lower taxes. His view on these developments was that there is urgent need to elect members of Congress with the passion to help in the reform of the governance system to accommodate everyone through fair tax plans.

Influence of the donor class

One of the issues cited as to cause the leaders to make reforms that are harsh to the working class is the fact that there has been an influence from the donor class who control The Republican. These include corporate wealthy individuals, and their effect has been so huge that the Republican lawmakers are forced to pass a tax bill that largely favors their demands. This means House Republicans are not going to sweat any details as everything they respond to is originally formulated by their donors, who are said to have put them in office.

But why can’t the Republicans just pass the tax reforms without the influence so meted on them by the donors? The reason is there is the fear these donors might abandon them and put to risk their chances of having a majority in 2018. So, this remains a game of two players and the parties that are affected most are the middle and working class who have to embrace whatever reforms are introduced. Doing contrary to the demands of the donors would trigger a loss of financial support that emanates from mos ents were to the effect that they would withdraw their financial support to the party if the proposed tax cuts would be stalled for whatever reason.

About End Citizens United

End Citizens United, founded in 2015, is an action committee that is funded by grassroots donors that is focused on eliminating the effects of Citizens United. The organization seeks to show voters, candidates, and officials that they are out to fight the brazenness of wealthy individuals who try to compromise elections, and part of the push would be to encourage lawmakers to take action without succumbing to the pressure meted on them by billionaires to pass bills that are favorable to the wealthy.

The sole mission of End Citizens United is to fix the rigged political system and get rid of Big Money in politics by championing for the election of leaders who are pro finance reforms. The organization has vowed to work with pro-reform candidates and will use grassroots members to amass political power. Check more:http://www.motherjones.com/politics/2011/05/james-bopp-citizens-united/


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