English Chef Charging Tax On Sugary Drinks In Restaurants

Chef Jamie Oliver of England has come up with an interesting concept to help raise money for charity while also encouraging people to live a healthier lifestyle. According to an article found on reddit and written by Eater, the chef will be charging a surcharge on top of his very sugary drinks that are served in his restaurant. He figured that if other commodities like tobacco can be taxed than sugar can as well, and Mexico even did something similar in their country as of last year.

If you are living in England or planning to visit and the news of this puts you in a foul mood, just wait to know that Oliver is going to be donating all of that extra cash from his sugar surcharges to a local children’s charity which will be a substantial amount of cash each year says Sergio Cortes in this piece. This might sound like a hardship but we don’t even question it anymore when things like alcohol cost more at certain places, so why not soda too? This motion has already proven to be working because there has actually been a decrease in the purchasing of these highly sugary drinks since Oliver implemented this strategy. It really is a win win situation because people will have to think twice before choosing an unhealthy drink, but if they choose to have it anyway they can know that the money is going to a great cause.

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