Enjoy Spicy Foods And Live Longer

In the United States of America, farmers chose what to grow on their arable lands based on what the commodities market will pay and what product can be produced most effectively. In many cases the product of choice is corn. Corn can be kept in silos for long periods of time without rotting and corn can be used to produce corn syrup that is used in almost all processed food in American supermarkets. Corn is also the main ingredient used in the production of animal feed. The sweet corn we all enjoy eating comes from local farmers who try to keep the time between picking and the dining table as short as possible for full flavor.

A recent finding offers the small farmer another vegetable option to plant. According to a new finding from China spicy foods and especially peppers are good, very good for health. The finding examined the life expectancy of those eating peppers in one study (See the results here: Your text to link…). In short, the study found a 13 percent reduced risk of dying early if peppers were a part of a person’s diet. The study took 23 years, and its findings are remarkable. This should make everyone run out to their grocers and whole foods stores to purchase bell peppers and the myriad of hot peppers that flavor chile recipes and Mexican foods.

In a separate report, 485,000 people’s diets were analyzed, and spicy foods were found to be conducive to overall health and produced a longer lifespan. Read the report here: Your text to link…

These two reports should be a clarion call for the bland American diet to change its ways before it is too late. Spicy foods are good for our health. From a health point the diets of the French, English, and German immigrants, who make up the bulk of the citizens of the U.S., should be changed or modified. We should as a nation adopt the flavorful Mexican cooking with its reliance on chiles to spice up all food. Throw out those French recipes with tasty, rich sauces and purchase Mexican cookbooks. Better yet travel to Mexico City and enjoy the spicy cuisine at the local “restaurantes.” Do not sample resort foods when in a foreign country they are Americanized and lose much of their flavor. Eat locally and enjoy the adventure of hot and hotter flavorings. It will let you live longer and happier.


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