Envoy Makes the Office Visitor Experience Quick and Easy

OneLogin, an industry leader in providing businesses with cloud-based identity and IAM technology has teamed up with Envoy to offer an exciting new way to manage office visitors. Using System for Cross-domain Identity Management, or SCIM, Onelogin users that use Envoy now have automated access to the visitors registration process.

Managing employee data has always been a difficult task for IT departments. Thanks to Envoy however, businesses can now skip updating individual user access across multiple applications with a quick, automated process that allows companies to keep track of employee visitors, maximizing efficiency and increasing security.

The new OneLogin integration will instantly synchronize all employee data into their envoy directory. Any changes made in your directory will be automatically sent to Envoy, ensuring that only current employees are selected as hosts for office visitors. Using SCIM allows for a consistent format for all employee data to make the office visitor experience easier than ever to manage.

With Envoy, OneLogin users can now create visitor invites and receive notifications when office visitors arrive. For the visitors themselves, the process is easier than ever with a simple sign-in process for companies to record.

OneLogin has publicly supported open identity and access management standards, and in recent years has seen a significant increase in the number of SaaS (software as a service) vendors looking to add SCIM for their applications visiting their developer website.

So how exactly does this benefit companies? In short, it saves time and increases office security. With this technology, traditional office visitor logbooks are a thing of the past. Using just an iPad, office visitors can now sign-in and quickly find the employee they’re looking for. This helps offices ensure that each visitor has been invited by a current employee.

SCIM is seen by many as the future of tracking employee identity information. OneLogin’s partnership with Envoy is just one example of how this software is already benefiting companies.

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