Everything You Need to Know About Nine9

There has, in recent years, been a lot of talk from politicians about the “99%” – but another 99 percent you are not very likely to have heard of is the 99 percent of actors and models who are not, in any way represented by a talent agency. This void has created a huge market demand which the new and cutting edge company Nine9 seeks to fill. Unlike many other similar companies, Nine9 is not a traditional talent agency, but rather an Unagency that gives aspiring models, actors, actresses and singers a platform to create a portfolio, build upon it through opportunities via numerous insider business contracts and read full article.

Company founder and CEO of the company, Anthony Toma states that the name Nine9 refers to the above mentioned 99 percent of actors, singers and models who simply are not represented by the mainstream talent agencies. Mr. Toma states that in his youth, he was a adamant fan of various sports but, due to the fact that he was relatively short, he was always overlooked, even though he was just as talented as the majority of the taller students that were chosen over him. He saw this occur with his small group of friends, over and over – the outsiders were always sidelined for the “popular kids” – for the 1 %. These youthful experiences would eventually come to inspire Mr. Toma to create Nine9 as a decisive and effective alternative for those who, despite obvious their talents, don’t fit the pre-packaged “look” of the mainstream entertainment industry.

Services provided by the company include the option for professional photo-shots to lay the foundation for a productive and alluring portfolio for future jobs, replete with the option of a cosmetic or aesthetic overhaul by one of the many special and top notch fashion and design studios which Nine9 owns and operates. For more information on the company you may find them via their website here.

More visit: https://www.indeed.com/cmp/Nine9-1

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