Exploring Mysticism With the Kabbalah Centre

The Kabbalah is an area of religious study that is often seen as a mystery to the majority of people and maintains the belief that many of its hidden meanings can bring enlightenment to students who may have been blocked from understanding the universe in its whole. In a bid to open the mind to the wonders of the universe it is important to remove the blockage known in Kabbalah as Klippot, which is a blockage halting the physical body from receiving the unbound God that can be removed through understanding these ancient teachings of Judaism.


The interpretation of Kabbalah is often seen as being part of choosing a teacher to learn belief system from. The Kabbalah Centre offers the people of the world an easy way of beginning their journey into the world of these teachings in a way that does not require conversion to Judaism or any other belief system. A good example of the work of the Kabbalah Centre is its approach to Klippot, which Rav Philip Berg and his predecessors in bringing these teachings to the mainstream see as a construct that was created to make it easier for people in ancient times to understand the difficulties of allowing the universal wisdom to enter their bodies.


There are many signs that are associated with the Kabbalah Centre that have been made famous by the growing list of celebrity followers who have aided the spiritual growth of the Kabbalah Centre from the 1980s onward; one of the most famous is the red string worn on the left wrist that is used as a way of protecting the individual from the effects of the evil eye.


The teaching of Kabbalah has always been a difficult project to undertake as many of the teachings have not been published as the secretive nature of these works has continued to remain in place in traditional areas of Judaism; traditionally, the teaching of Kabblah was limited to males aged 40 and over because of the complex nature of the works being studied.

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