Express Yourself: A Little Bit of Creativity Can Make Quite a Difference!

The Food Network family also includes Home & Garden Television (HGTV), the Travel Channel, the Cooking Channel and and all are conveniently accessed toward the bottom of the page of the main website.


Their Organizing and Storage Guide is a feature of and the article “20 Organizers for a Picture-Perfect Pantry,” by Kelley Walters and Caren Baginski has some first-rate advice that can cover a wide range of kitchen cabinets or pantry (or even some home-business applications) from the usual to the extraordinary; and can transform what could otherwise be a set of tedious tasks into a lively and creative approach to the concepts of what’s entailed in organizing and storing anything from kitchen things to a quilt-maker’s studio.


In these particular projects, the “storage” category may even involve a cross-over into the “enjoyment” category as you exercise your creativity and ignite the everyday interaction with ordinary things into series of bright moments with formerly very dull or tiresome elements of one’s daily routine.


Making use of stackable containers that allow you to have a transparent view “in plain sight” with a push-button option for an airtight seal which pops up into a ‘handle’ for easy access and also let you see when you’re running low on something.


Rolling kitchen carts let you be mobile from one room to another or take the storage where you need it: “Perfect for holding big items like your stand mixer, extra paper towels or cases of water, it gives your kitchen an industrial edge that says, “I cook like a pro” even if you don’t know a chinois from a chiffonade,” the authors note.


“Gliding pantry shelves, from the ShelfGenie Classic Series are made of eco-friendly Baltic birch wood and can hold up to 100 pounds when fully extended.”


Classic shoe holders on the back of the pantry door are invaluable for oddly shaped smaller items, and the vinyl pockets are easy to clean with a damp cloth.


For the rest of the great organizing principles, read more at their website.


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