Farm Fresh VS Wildly Grown

Farmer’s hardly receive the credit they deserve for all their hard work. They are out in their fields daily, plowing,planting,irrigating,harvesting just to do it all again the next day. Just about everything that people eat and/or use came to be from a farmer who started a crop.

With GMO’s being a big worry nowadays causing Farmer’s to have to prove they’re truly naturally grown or organic while those that have produce that has been genetically modified to get a sort of leeway. This is raising the question is wildly grown produce better for us than farm grown? Right now it is being questioned if wild blueberries are better for our consumption than those that are farmed.

Is there really a nutritional difference between a farmer grown blueberry than a wild blueberry? Of course both are low in calories and contain good sources of vitamins. Blueberries of both sources contain both vitamins C and K. Blueberries are also high in fiber and loaded with antioxidants. Science state that they don’t really see a difference in the wild verse the farm raised blueberries and that they are both equally delicious.

However, according to The Wild Blueberry association of North America wild blueberries offer more benefits than those grown in a field. An analysis from 2010 states that wild blueberries have double the amount of antioxidants than those that are farmed grown. It is believed by those in the association that the wild blueberries are healthier because they are made to survive in the rugged environment and contain a greater number of phytochemicals than farm grown blueberries. The association believes that farm grown blueberries are pampered due to being cultivated and are only bred for size, sweetness and the ability to withstand shipping.

Whether you agree with the scientist or the blueberry association one thing is for certain and that is that whether wild of farmed blueberries have many specific health benefits. Some of these blueberry studies have resulted in improvements in insulin sensitivity to some and improved memories in others.



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