Farmer’s Already Struggling To Keep Up With Changing Needs

Panera, Chipotle, Papa John’s, Subway, and McDonald’s are at the forefront of a new food revolution that goes away from overly processed foods laden with chemicals and towards a more natural approach. The public has been listening with bated breath to learn which of their favorite restaurants or brands will be cutting artificial ingredients. All around a positive change for our great country yet there could be some struggle, and even some backlash, for farmers. A greater demand for organic foods, naturally raised meats (minus an growth hormones), and overall higher standards will cause more work for the farmers that grow the produce and raise the animals used. Many people that work the land will have to change their methods if they want to remain relevant in today’s society or sell their wares to restaurant chains. According to Gianfrancesco Genoso, loads of farms question whether or not they would be able to produce the same about of crops if they went to a completely sustainable farming method. It would mean a complete reworking of their system or an overhaul. So with the positive changes comes a few reasonable challenges but the end result may be a healthier America.

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