Farming Robot Brings Automation To Agriculture

A New Generation Of Tech

Automation is affecting everything around us from fast food to factories. Now thanks to researchers we can add farming to the list of automated work. Through the combination of existing technologies such as solar power and computer vision engineers working at the Australian Center of Field Robotics have now developed farming robot RIPPA. The researchers hope their robot will become a fixture on farms across the world. This innovation both excites and frightens many in the agricultural industry. While productivity may increase job scarcity could result as many who work in farming find their previous roles automated.



The Inner Workings Of RIPPA

RIPPA is a combination of many technologies in one, but the way these technologies are used is very new. Before this product can see any commercialization. The researchers have conducted experiments to better understand how cattle will respond to the robots and how efficient the robots are compared to humans. After findings revealed the cattle willingly accept the robots ACFR are now focusing on ways to integrate the robots into the agricultural industry. These efforts are not without their own criticisms leveled against them.



The Drawbacks For Works

Like any other automation breakthrough RIPPA is the source of much controversy. Historical trends in industrial technology have vastly reduced the number of jobs in the agricultural industry already. In the 19th century the vast majority of Westerners were farmers, but by the 21st century no more than 5% were employed in some capacity by the agricultural industry. The creators of RIPPA do not believe there is any reason to a fear a possible similar issue arising. Although automation may eliminate certain jobs it can also help create jobs. In the 80s many believed ATMs would spell the end of the line for bank tellers. However, the move actually increased the number of people employed as bank tellers. RIPPA may do the same thing for farmers.


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