Farms Might Hold the Key to Better Health

Through most of human history, people haven’t had much time to really consider the nature of most illness. Quite a few ailments were seen as an inevitability of age. Heart attacks and strokes are a good example. Both involve abnormal clotting of blood vessels. And both are usually seen as something that just happens when people get older. At least that’s how they’ve been viewed for most of human history. But modern times and modern techniques are shedding some light on just why people have strokes and heart attacks as they grow older.


Scientists have been discovering that they have as much to do with what one will find on any given farm as they do a biological clock. There’s an old saying that the dose makes the poison. This refers to the fact that anything taken in extreme doses will be toxic. And many of those things that might be seen as a poison are actually medicinal, or even a biological necesity, in lower doses.


This all pertains to recent findings about the relation of some farming and agricultural staples to heart attacks and strokes. However, the same link also relates to important aspects of memory formation and healthy healing. The main point of study has to do with something called choline. It’s a component of eggs, beef and chicken. All of these items are synonymous with farming. But there’s good reason for that fact. Choline has been shown to increase chances of heart attacks and strokes when taken in high doses. And the reason for it has been isolated to increased blood clotting.


But at the same time, there’s good reason why eggs, beef and chicken become a staple of farms in the first place. These sources of choline might be bad in high doses. But they’re also fantastically healthy when eaten in moderation. The main reason there also has to do with choline. In large amounts choline can cause abnormal clotting. But choline is also a basic component of protein. But just as importantly, it’s also a direct precursor to acetylcholine. Acetylcholine is one of the primary neurotransmitters involved with the formation of new memories in the human brain. This should make someone once again consider that old proverb and reflect on dosage. Too much of these agricultural staples is ill advised. But too little is as well. The best strategy is to eat beef, chicken, nuts and other sources of choline in moderation. This will provide health benefits while avoiding health concerns.


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