Farms Might Hold the Key to the Perfect Midnight Snack

Most people think of snacking as a custom rooted in modernity. There’s good reason for it too. When people snack they usually grab the nearest bag of processed foods. It’s become the norm in modern society. But visit the local farmers market and people will have quite different ideas about snacking. The agricultural and farming spaces have a much more extensive track record with snacking than modern audiences might assume.


A recent article highlights the fact that the best snacks might well be found at a farmer’s market rather than a supermarket.


Before looking further into the subject, it’s a good idea to consider why one should change snacking habits. At the moment, the majority of the population is overweight to the point of risking increased potential for a number of health problems. The reason ultimately comes down to intake of calories at a higher level than the body needs. This might seem a minor point in relation to snacking. After all, one wouldn’t think that an occasional potato chip could be responsible for pushing someone up a pant size. But in reality snacking accounts for about one-quarter of most people’s daily calories.


All of that should create a more well informed perspective with which to judge a statement from Isabel Maples. She’s the spokeswoman for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. And she’s recently gone on record with a statement that people really shouldn’t be eating more than 100, 200 or an absolute maximum of 300 calories as a late night snack.


What this means for agriculture is a renewed focus on snack friendly items. People should remember that items such as apples actually have a long history as the perfect snack. They’re typically under 100 calories, which makes them a perfect fit for Isabel’s caloric recommendations. Even better, they have a long history of use.


Most processed snack foods are a fairly new introduction to human biology and sociology. One need only look at the average waistline to highlight the fact that it might not be a perfect fit. Meanwhile apples and the like are so healthy that they’re synonymous with traditional medical advice. An apple a day keeps the doctor away. But apples, raw vegetable sticks or similar items might also keep one from needing to constantly buy larger clothing sizes. And finally, these snacks are also associated with a greater ability to sate one’s hunger.


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