Felipe Montoro Jeans Supports New Development Project

Brazilian financier Felipe Montoro Jens is extremely bullish about the potential of a new plan to boost the country’s lagging basic infrastructure. Montoro Jens supports the Brazilian National Bank for Economic and Social Development’s plan to use corporate partners in order to enhance the quality of water treatment in the vast country.


According to Edison Carlos, the director of a non-profit group called Treat Brazil, one of the biggest issues facing the country is the disparity in basic sanitation. In some regions, local and state authorities simply do not have the money or resources to provide basic levels of service. Carlos points out that 70% of Brazilians get their sanitation services from local or state governments.


Felipe Montoro Jens believes that the key is to set clear, delineated responsibilities and objectives from the outset. Although many Brazilians are suspicious of outsourcing and privatization, for Montoro Jens that’s not what this plan is about. On the contrary, he views this plan as a way for companies to make what state-owned water companies do that much more effective. The operative word for Montoro Jens is partnership not privatization. He thinks this approach could be extremely cost-effective in the long run since private-sector technology may be able to limit the amount of wastewater lost in the treatment process.


Felipe Montoro Jens is a veteran of the Brazilian business world. He has been working for multinational corporations since graduating from college in 1993. After years working his way through the ranks, he decided to study abroad and earned his MBA from Thunderbird. His experience in the US was formative and he believes that it contributed greatly to his later success.


Montoro Jeans is a director of several major Brazilian and multinational corporations. Fluent in Portuguese and English, he is renowned as an expert in finance, infrastructure, and real estate.

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