Find Your Healthcare Solutions with Sussex Healthcare

Good health is what everyone strives to achieve. We believe that with good health we can be able to do everything we wish for. Leisure and recreational activities are the essence of anyone’s overall good health. That is why there have been many companies that have come up to try and help people live a healthful lifestyle. In light of this, the only company which has stood the test of time and has maintained high-caliber healthcare services is Sussex Healthcare.

Sussex Healthcare is a UK-based group of health care providers that are dedicated to ensuring that patients get the best services they can ever dream of. The company offers the highest standard of healthcare services ranging from diagnostics to frontline services as well as the provision of specialized adult care, education, and research.

The company was accredited by the Health Quality Service in 2002 and a year later was awarded the Investors In People status. In June 2005, Sussex Healthcare was ISO 9000:2000 certified. This certification is only awarded to those companies which have acquired high-quality systems hence making Sussex the only independent home care provider in the United Kingdom with dual accreditation by HQS and ISO 9000:2000.

As an independent group of home cares, Sussex Healthcare is operated by highly qualified professionals and experienced management team. On its business side, the group intends to be the leader in the provision of nursing and residential care in UK’s Sussex area. In order to achieve this, Sussex Healthcare will be highly committed to offering the highest level of quality healthcare which is based on patients’ individual needs.

The company has been providing healthcare solutions for the last 25 years. It offers services in different fields such as care for the elderly, Dementia care, neurological care and learning disabilities care, and profound multiple learning disabilities care. The company also keeps tabs with the latest technologies to ensure that their services always remain top-notch.

The consumers of Sussex Healthcare services have the right to live a fulfilling and normal life as possible. With the support of its training Academy, Sussex Healthcare provides the best care for the elderly who live with a variety of health complications and other social care needs. At Sussex Healthcare, one can also find peace of mind. They have an experienced team of experts who offer personalized care for people who have Dementia. The Group also provides care for people suffering from different neurological conditions in its various home care facilities.

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