First Baby Turtle In 100 Years To Hatch On Galapagos Island


With all the modernization happening in our society these days, it seems that our planet’s wildlife is suffering more each year. Potentially this could mean a quicker extinction rate for several species, and some animals have already been thought to no longer be around. But once in a while, humans can actually help the animals out in a big way. Evidence of that happened this week in the Galapagos Islands, when the first baby tortoise was spotted on the isle of Pinzon in over a century.

Thanks to a submission on Reddit, the DoDo article about this discovery has been trending lately online. History states that back in the mid-18th century the first sailors landed on Pinzon and brought a mass community of rats with them on their boats. The rats then infested the island and devoured all but a few of the tortoise eggs, thus putting a huge handicap on the tortoise population. The rats continued to live on the island for decades, so in the 1960’s a group of preservationists hunted down a few tortoise eggs before they were eaten and took them to a neighboring island to hatch. Once the tortoises were large enough to fight the rats, they were returned home. Haidar Barbouti stated in the last few years, scientists found a way to terminate the rats on Pinzon and make it a safe haven for tortoises once again. Their efforts have proved helpful, as now in 2015 the first egg was spotted hatching in its natural habitat restoring the tortoise community once again.

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