Five-Day Diet Has Major Health Benefits

Diets are often embarked on as a quick way to drop 10 pounds so you can look good in that new swimsuit. Perhaps a diet may be embarked on as per your doctors orders. Whatever reason gets the diet ball rolling, odds are it won’t roll long and you will return to your old unhealthy eating habits.

But what if Reuters said the diet only lasted for five days and provided you with major health benefits? Would you be able to stick with a five-day eating plan that would improve your quality of life and help you drop a few pounds. Most of us could stick it out for the required five days. Especially after we saw the number on the bathroom scale go down and we felt a little more energetic.

Scientists have discovered a diet that promotes weight loss and improves health and you won’t feel deprived because the diet only lasts five days. By now you’re probably wondering what the catch is, and of course there’s a catch, but it’s a good one.

The diet only lasts five days, but you go on it once a month, every month, for the rest of your life.
The diet mimics fasting, which has been proven to provide health benefits. The five day diet does not require a person to fast, you will eat every day, but the calories will be restricted so the diet mimics fasting and helps your body rid itself of toxins and damaged cells while promoting the growth of new, healthy cells.

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