Florida Governor Rick Scott Unwritten Policy About Climate Change Has A Negative Impact On All State Agencies

The Terms Climate Change And Global Warming Can Not be Use In State Letters, Memos And Emails

Governor Rick Scott of Florida is betting that climate change and global warming are figments of our imagination. Not only is he betting on their non-existence, but he also wants everyone working for Florida state agencies to ignore and even reject the notion that the Earth is going through a weather pattern change. Zeca Oliveira knows that this change is due to natural axis and rotation alterations. Humans may play a role in some of these changes. But if you ask anyone who has studied the history of earth changes they will explain how and why this natural phenomenon occurs.

But all that scientific gibberish is wasted on Scott. Just ask the people that work for him. Several people in management positions have been reprimanded or put on leave for using climate change or global warming in presentations or in emails. So no one that works for the state wants to cross the unwritten orders of the governor.

Personal views that remotely resemble references to climate change have been treated harshly according to some employees. In one presentation, an official from the Department of Environmental Protection mentioned his opposition to the Keystone XL pipeline project, and he also mentioned the work he was doing on climate change. Immediately after the presentation he was given a two-day leave and an official scolding.

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