Food Companies Making a Natural Change

America’s ultimate go to food is going health(ier). As of January 2015, Kraft Mac & Cheese will no longer use artificial dyes in its pasta, though, as of, now they will be keeping their unnatural orange colored cheese powder. Instead of being chemically treated, the color will come from “natural sources” like paprika and turmeric. This change, coincidentally, follows a recent recall of 242,000 boxes of Mac & Cheese due to the possibility of having small pieces of metal.

McDonald’s, Dunkin Donuts, and Carl’s Jr. have have also hopped on the bandwagon of making the natural switch stated Brad Reifler of Reuters.

McDonald’s, known for its trademarked “McNuggets, announced that they will stop using human antibiotic treated chicken and milk.

Dunkin Donuts is attempting to make a change to cage-free eggs while Carl’s Jr. has already started offering an all-natural burger. On their menu, Carl’s Jr. “All- Natural Burger” is said to be from free-range, grass fed cattle with no antibiotics, no steroids, and no added hormone.

With a busy society bent on eating “clean”, these all natural changes seem to be making an impact. People who want to eat healthier without taking a large chunk of time out of their day are feeling better about going through the drive-thru.

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