Food Labels Are Being Changed to More Accurately Show Sugar Levels

Medical and health experts are cracking down on sugar levels in food at your local grocery store and at the restaurants you frequent, and they have good reason to do so.

New studies have shown that sugar is the main culprit of much of the obesity epidemic we are seeing today in men, women and children. In the 1970s, 80s and 90s, fat was the target of most health critics. The goal was to get rid of fat at all costs. One of those costs was increasing the sugar levels in foods that didn’t even require sugar for taste in the first place. If you saw a box of crackers that said low fat or low calorie, you could be almost sure that the sugar levels would be higher than the regular version of that food item.

Food labels are being revised

Now, there has been a shift with nutrition experts and their target at what is the leading cause of obesity and heart disease in America. With sugar at the forefront of this obesity problem, nutritionists and dietary experts are calling on the United States government to change food labels to more accurately show how much sugar is in each food you buy at the store.

Soon, you will be seeing updated food labels that not only show the total amounts of sugar in each food item but the added sugars as well. Experts are hoping that this deters buyers from purchasing items that have extremely high amounts of sugar in them.

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