Galore Magazine Interviews Doe Deere

Doe Deere is rapidly becoming one of the biggest names in the cosmetics industry. Her line of makeup, Lime Crime, has allowed women around the world to start living their lives out loud. Doe interacts with her customers through several popular media outlets, including Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Even if you have never purchased Lime Crime cosmetics you have almost definitely seen Doe on Instagram or Twitter. She is known for her beautiful and colorful costumes, but Doe is so much more than a pretty face. Recently, Doe sat down with Galore magazine to discuss her growth as an entrepreneur.

Galore wanted to know how Doe’s upbringing impacted her vision as a businesswoman. Doe was an artistic child throughout her childhood. She was always playing with paint or pencils and creating new and exciting pictures. As she grew older, Doe started focusing on fashion. She created new accessories and clothing items. Her love of all things colorful would influence her throughout her life. When Doe grew up she wanted to bring color to her cosmetics drawer. She founded Lime Crime cosmetics to bring color and excitement to women throughout the world.

Doe has always loved makeup. When she was a young child she attended a slumber party. The girls were still young, but they spent the entire slumber party trying out new looks. These looks might not have been fashionable, but they sparked her interest in cosmetics. Doe continued her love for experimentation throughout her 20s. She would post pictures of her new looks on the internet, and looking back she believes many of these looks were horrid. Doe knows that experimentation is a vital part of life, and she wants to keep experimenting for years to come.

Galore also asked Doe how she came up with the name Lime Crime for her company. The naming process was actually pretty simple. Doe loves the color lime, and she wanted a company that was willing to break any and all rules. From that starting point, Lime Crime easily emerged.

Doe Deere is an amazing woman and her story deserves more attention. Hopefully, she will continue innovating for years to come.  Be sure to give them a fair shake yourself, by checking out what they have for sale on Amazon.

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