George Soros is Back in the Game

George Soros has put up some major cash for the 2016 election. The Hungarian-born billionaire and philanthropist has given over $25 million in support of Hillary Clinton and other Democratic candidates this campaign season.

As a long-time progressive advocate on a number of issues, such as immigration reform, voting rights, and religious tolerance, Mr. George Soros is motivated by his faith in Ms. Clinton’s ability to follow through on her campaign promises, and also by his distaste for Donald Trump, sources say.

Mr. Soros gained notoriety in 2004 when he contributed heavily towards efforts to prevent President George W. Bush’s re-election. During that campaign he spent $27 million in support of Democratic nominee John Kerry, earning a reputation as somewhat of a liberal archenemy among conservatives. Soros’s interest in ousting Bush came from his strong objections to the Iraq War. But Bush’s successful re-election, along with the attacks and criticisms leveled at Mr. Soros from the right, left him feeling disillusioned, and he scaled back his political spending thereafter.

Following the 2004 election Mr. Soros shifted his philanthropic focus to other areas. His international foundations on have donated over $13 million to causes around the world, including programs for human rights, health care, and education.

In the 2008 presidential campaign Mr. Soros supported Barack Obama over Ms. Clinton, a decision he later came to regret. He believed President Obama failed to sufficiently pursue many important progressive ideals.

But Mr. Soros’s return to the arena of big-money politics has had a huge impact on Ms. Clinton’s campaign. He leads a list of many other left-leaning donors who have also contributed heavily in financing the Democratic candidate, including San Francisco environmentalist Tom Steyer and New York hedge-fund manager Don Sussman, both of whom have given several million dollars. As a result, the Clinton campaign has been awash in cash, allowing her to vastly outspend her opponent, Mr. Trump.

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