George Soros Will Assist Migrants With Over $500 Million In Relief

George Soros is a billionaire investor that is well known for his charity and philanthropic work over the last several decades. George Soros is a dedicated Democrat that has recently promised to donate upwards of $500 million dollars to migrants that are attempting to escape volatile areas where their safety could be at risk. George Soros has always championed a good humanitarian cause and he feels that he should use his extensive resources to do good for the public. He is a proponent of human rights as well as a powerful force for the advancement of people that suffer from substandard living conditions.

The funds will be applied to those people that are fleeing for safety and the host communities that will provide shelter for them in their time of need on CNBC. The U.N. estimated that there was approximately 65 million individuals that were displaced from their homes because of civil unrest and unstable economic conditions.

More than half of those refugees came from Syria, Somalia, and Afghanistan. George Soros can personally relate to the plight of these refugees because he fled Hungary when Hitler’s army invaded the country. He fled to England and settled there until he moved to The United States.

When asked how Soros planned to use the money to help those fleeing from their homelands he insinuated that it would likely be invested in technology. More specifically he stated that communicating with family and friends is one of the biggest challenges for those that have been displaced from their homelands.

Many of his critics feel that he may be investing his money on an unworthy cause, but he knows the plight of the migrants and feels that it is his duty to stand up and take action to do his part. The way in which the promised funds will be spent is still somewhat up in the air but George Soros promises to use the money in such a way that it will help to ease the suffering of those people displaced from their homes. Source:

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