George Soros’s Multibillion-Dollar Donations

It’s truly heartwarming to hear about a wealthy individual giving up their wealth for the better of others. Usually, it’s just a publicity stunt to make people forget about something horrible they’ve done, but George Soros gives money out of the love of his heart. To date, he’s donated $18 billion to his Open Society Foundations.

His generosity and commitment to changing the world placed Open Society Foundation in the second spot of the nation’s biggest philanthropic organizations. He didn’t give all of that money at once, but it all went to Open Society. His efforts, while recognized, also attracted some unwanted attention.

He started Open Society a long time ago, so he’s gotten used to the angry voices off-camera. For the past 30-plus years, he’s operated Open Society projects in over 120 countries. The organization mostly promotes democracy and human rights, but it’ll protest and fight for just about anything it deems worthy.

These days, the United States is one of the most divided and enraged nations in the world. It’d only make sense that Open Society would begin focuses much of its efforts to fix the country’s problems. So far, Open Society and George Soros fought to protect the LGBT community and stop police brutality.

The U.S. has always had a problem with hatred, most countries do. The U.S.’s problems center on the powerful versus the weak. It’s called many difficult things, but it’s the powerful versus the weak. Soros’s been finding ways to empower the weak, so that they may fight back.

Given the increase in hate and violence, it’s important that Open Society empower people. Sadly, these dark days will not go away anytime soon. Soros is trying his best to bring new leaders to the table by supporting numerous Democratic politicians. Obviously, his public support of Democrats attracted a lot of hate from Republicans.

Being hated by people is nothing new to George Soros. JPost reminded every one of Soros’s claim to infamy in 1992 when he made $1 billion in the markets. After that, millions of people created an image of Soros in their imaginations, and it continues to this day.

There have been moments when Soros said or did something that conservatives could use as evidence that he’s trying to destroy them. He spent $27 million to stop W. Bush from winning.

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