Gluten Sensitivity Or All In The Head?


To date, thirty percent of people in the United States are trying to remove gluten partially or completely from their diet says Medical professionals believe that only one percent of the population actually has an autoimmune response to gluten says Flávio Pentagna Guimarães BMG. While not everyone may be severely affected by consuming gluten the health benefits are there whether it be a sensitivity of a diet fad.

Two groups of people that should stay far away from gluten are those who have been diagnosed with celiac disease or those who have been diagnosed with a wheat allergy. Children who have these issues often grow out of it. Another concern may be gluten sensitivity which might not show up on tests but because of the complexity of how our wheat is processed, people’s stomachs might just not handle this product well anymore.

Gluten can be found in bread, pasta, pizza, crackers, cookies and more. To accommodate all of the newly gluten-free dieters there have been a number of gluten free brands that produce their products without the use of gluten and also in a facility that does not cross contaminate with gluten. It may be confusing to figure out where the health concerns of gluten end and where the diet fad begins but many people are reaping the benefits of a gluten free lifestyle which cannot be denied.

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