Goettl Air Conditioning: Let The Good Times Roll

For a lot of companies, they need to hit rock bottom in order to fully appreciate what they had and what they need to do to fix it. Now, the past mistakes and issues of Goettl Air Conditioning have nothing at all to do with Ken Goodrich. That needs to be said. All he did was good come in, repair the company with some help, and change it around for the better. He was not responsible for the past, but he sure was responsible for cleaning it up to where they are a point where they can let the good times roll and enjoy all of their success. Ken Goodrich, however, is mindful when it comes to enjoying that success.

He knows how quickly it can go away. The work is never done, and he is going to keep putting in the work at Goettl Air Conditioning and he is going to keep putting the customers first. He knows that if he does this, nothing can get in the way of their success. He also knows he can’t do all of this by himself. He needs a team and he needs a team that has the same kind of love for the business as he does. It just can’t be another job for them.

That is not going to cut it, and Ken Goodrich knows that. Whenever someone from Goettl Air Conditioning comes out for the company, they have to represent the company in a proper way. Whether it is a maintenance job, repair job, or a full installation, each job s important to them and they treat each job as such. They never take it lightly, not even for one second. At the end of the day, they want to feel satisfied and they want to feel as though they have not only done a good job but a great job.


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