Goettl Believes in a Condition to Serve

Goettl Air Conditioning and The Sunny Plumber believe in service, but also to serve, as was the case with a seventy-year-old. Jim Siler was a humble man, but because of hardship his home had no air conditioning. In addition the water supplied to his house was not operating correctly. His poignant plumbing circumstance caused Jim Siler to do whatever he could to cope, he was convinced no one would care or help. A water line broke beneath his home causing a large amount of water to collect underneath the floors.

As anyone can guess, the bill to fix the problem was extensive. Jim Siler, as a senior citizen, being on a tiny income did not have the money to invest in a major plumbing restoration job, so the work could not be done. Consequently, he had to come to terms with the fact he would just have to make-do. But troubles were to befall him again, when his air conditioning stopped working. Again, the best he could do was open his house to the elements, all doors and windows were open wide. This wouldn’t be so bad if one lived up north, but Jim Siler lived in Las Vegas where temperatures reach in the high one-hundred degrees and he didn’t know about Goettl… Yet. This is compounded by the fact Jim Siler suffered from a stroke, and also took cancer treatments.

Now, all this would have gone on, and no one would have noticed, except for intervention. The Clark County Social Services department told Mr. Siler to try The Sunny Plumber and Goettl Air Conditioning for assistance. Surprising, together with some Bishop Gorman football teammates help was on the way.

The Sunny Plumber and Goettl Air Conditioning as humanitarian-orientated companies fixed Mr. Siler’s home. This was a magnanimous gesture, but a lot of the praise goes to Ken Goodrich the owner of Goettl Air Conditioning and The Sunny Plumber. Duncan Goodrich, who plays on the football team, says he is proud of his dad. Ken Goodrich is a man of honor, and considers personal service to his neighbors a duty one must do as a gentlemen. His employees also, should be recognized, for they volunteered their time and energies to the task.

All the volunteer labor was admirable, but Ken Goodrich, through his companies up-fronted eight-thousand dollars for the repairs. This amount of money is enormous, so one thing to be sure, The Sunny Plumber and Goettl Air Conditioning are amazing for their belief in a condition to serve.

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