Goettl’s Air Conditioning Services And Role In Giving Back To The Educational Society

Goettl is an air conditioning and services corporation operating in Phoenix, Las Vegas, Tucson and Southern California regions.
Since its establishment in 1939 by Adam Goettl and Gust, the firm continues to offer clients with dedicated personalized efforts in their homes and working environments. It ensures that each customer has the correct fitting for their air conditioner, air cleaner and humidifier as a package.

Goettl also offers follow-up services by providing a complete packaging of replacement, maintenance and repair services upon request by clients. Their affiliate company, The Sunny Plumber, enables them to provide these extended services, inclusive of additional plumbing and drain services.

The end goal of Goettl is to provide customers with a relaxation environment during all weather conditions. They achieve this by servicing the heating system, duct system, indoor air system and the attic area.

A new product that ensures better air quality in the home is the UV germicidal lights. The device combats biological pollutants by wrecking them.
According to the article, written by Ken Goodrich and published on Goettl’s site, UV germicidal lights eliminate future health complications arising from poor air conditions.

Ken Goodrich is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Goettl and its parent company, Red Falcon Equity. He began working for the corporation in January 2013, after purchasing it from its previous owner. Ken then reopened the Las Vegas office of the firm which closed due to the 2007 recession, to relocate to the Southern Nevada office.

Before joining Red Falcon, Ken was the vice president of the American Residential Services between February 2008 and October 2010.He was then promoted to be the firm’s President in October 2009 and served in the office until December 2012.
Ken was also the President and Chief Executive Officer of the 24/7 Service Corporation between June of 2000 and February 2008.

During an award session for a veteran who had undertaken the Southern Nevada Goettl program, Ken cited that Goettl defines his entire career.
Ken sponsors the Air Conditioning Technology program for veterans at the Southern Nevada College.
Ken sponsors the “Son of a Gun” scholarship which sponsors one ongoing student of a member of multiple generational family units of the air conditioning industry.
He also sponsors the J. Duncan Goodrich Air Conditioning Tech Laboratory at CSN.

Ken Goodrich that the Goettl sponsorship program is an effective way of putting back good citizens into the working environment.

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