Grains May Save Your Life

Nutrition may well be one of the most controversial fields of science. It seems like every day brings new information about foods which people thought to be healthy which aren’t, and unhealthy foods which might have benefits after all. In reality, the field is simply dealing with an unfortunate reality. Proper studies of how food relates to people’s health will always take a very long time. Eventually the evidence begins to reach a state where firm conclusions can be made from it. This is the case with grain. The role of grain in our diet has been somewhat controversial. A slew of new data has recently come in as long terms studies provide new information about what grain does for the human body.

So far, the overwhelming amount of evidence points to a significant amount of health benefits which result from eating grain. In particular, the Nurses Health Study has given some of the most detailed information about how grains may aid one’s health, which impresses Ben Shaoul. Perhaps the most significant finding from the study is what it shows about red meat. If one swaps out a single serving of red meat from her normal diet and replaces it with grains, the expected risk of cardiovascular related death will go down by 2o%.

In practical terms, the study backs up conventional wisdom about moderation of one’s food. In general, a balanced diet which samples from every food group is the best way to plan one’s diet. One might consider going a bit higher on the grains though, and a bit lower on the red meat.

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  1. Yes it has been helping the Asians for many many years to live relatively longer than the others save GMOs. You do not need My maths done to see the correlation between this and the life expectancy even with their medicine cut out, they have the record.

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