Greg Finch: A Famous Name In Orthopedic Surgery

Orthopedic surgeries are such type of surgeries that deal specifically with the skeleton and muscles problems in a human body. This type of surgery resolves the problem which arises in a skeleton, ligaments, attachments and tendons. Few other problems arise from injury to the backbone or damage as people ages. The range of treatments includes amputation, traction, hand reconstruction, joint replacement, spinal fusion, etc. Few other types of ailments that an orthopedic specialist treats are broken bones, sprains, strains and dislocations. Occasionally, orthopedic surgeries include the addition of a foreign material to a human body such as wires, pins, screws, tongs, etc. to hold the bone or an artificial bone in its place. With the latest technology, there are improvements made in the replacement of joints and bones and the materials that are being used for the replacement purpose and Greg Finch has learned that such method by working with the leaders of spinal surgeries. Here are few common surgeries used in orthopedics:

  • Spine Surgery

Spine surgery is a complicated procedure, and you should be very careful when picking an orthopedic surgeon. But if you are in Australia, you can pick Greg as he is the expert in spinal surgeries. There are different ailments that lead to such surgery. However, the most common reason is a severe back pain. Such back pain is severe enough that it obstructs day to day life of a patient. Once that surgery is done, a patient experiences lesser pain and improvement in daily activity and movement.

  • Total Joint Replacement Surgery

People who are diagnosed with severe joint pains or severe arthritis are advised to go for an orthopedic surgery known as total joint replacement surgery after having a detailed discussion with Greg Finch as he is leading surgeon in Australia for such surgery. This surgery allows a patient to gain improved range of motion. While the treatment is going on under the observation, surgeon assessed damaged parts of the joint and replaces it with plastic or metal parts which are almost identical to the human bone to allow normal movement without any pain.

Greg Finch is an orthopedic surgeon who is a well-known specialist about dealing cases in a minimally invasive spine surgery (MISS), cervical spine surgery including disc replacement and much more. Due to his expertise in such field, he is not just a famous doctor in Australia, but when a patient meets him, he becomes his fan because he cares for their patient with utmost care.

After gaining his FRACS, Dr. Greg Finch spent a couple of years working with leader surgeon in spine surgery in the leading countries such as the USA and Germany and the UK to learn about new technologies and methods and have expertise. He has a special interest in MISS as mentioned above but he is an expert of in all aspects of spinal surgery.

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