Gregory Aziz Relentless Work towards Manufacturing of safe and Quality Railcars

For over 100 years National Steel Car has offered excellent services to its client. It is one of the best tank car and rail freight manufacturing companies. The company is located in Hamilton, Ontario. It has always ensured that it delivers quality to its clients, which enables them to win their clients’ trust. Their quality services have always put them ahead of their competitors. That even led to their ISO certification (ISO 9001:2008).


National Steel Cars are one of the top companies that supported North American’s regulations on stronger and safer rail tank cars. According to Gregory Aziz, this was an important announcement that aimed at protecting North Americans. He showed his support for Lisa Raitt, Minister of Transport in making these harmonized regulations. Following accidents in Canada and United States, Gregory James Aziz felt this regulation was the only way of ensuring North American’s rails are safe for use.  See This Article.


Canpotex has been delivering Potash for the past 43 years. They are one of the companies that have trust in the quality provided by National Steel Cars deliver. They selected them to manufacture 700 new railcars, which coasted National Steel Cars a total of $700 million. They have worked together with National Steel Cars since 1999, and they have invested more than $500 million to build 7,000 railcars. Canpotex has a custom design for their railcars, which aims at ensuring that they are perfect for potash transportation. Greg Aziz is proud of their over 20 year’s relationship with Canpotex. Greg notes that they are grateful for this kind of trust that has ensured that 400 National steel workers are employed.


Greg’s Career and Education Background

Greg James Aziz is currently the president and the Chief Executive Officer of National Steel Cars. Greg was born in 1949, and he studied at Ridley College. He later joined University of Western Ontario and majored in Economics. Greg started working at their family business that was majorly selling foods in 1971.


James Aziz organized the purchase of National Steel Cars in 1944, which at this time was owned by Dofasco. His main aim was to transform this company into one of the best North America’s car manufacturing company. He was true to his words, and by 1999 the company was producing 12,000 cars per year. That marked a significant increase from 3,500 cars they were producing previously. James also increased employments in this business to 3,000 workers. He is dedicated towards excellence and timely deliveries. James has worked relentlessly in ensuring that National Steel Cars is a trusted brand.


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