Healthy Hair Starts With Wen By Chaz Dean And Seasonal Scents

WEN Hair Sweet Almond MintBeautiful hair starts with healthy hair. Wen by Chaz Dean is offering deals on their new scents. The conditioning cleanser replaces most shampoos. It does not lather but it cleanses while replacing necessary vitamins and nutrients in the hair. The follicle begins to come alive when it is cleaned with Wen’s Cleansing conditioner.

Use Wen cleansing conditioner for one week and you will see a big difference in your hair. The first time you use it, wet your hair and apply 6 pumps to the top and scalp area of your hair. Massage it in your scalp. The cleanser gets rid of the old shampoos that are stuck and leave behind old junk in your hair. Then follow up with 6-9 more pumps to saturate the ends of your hair. Finish your shower while leaving the conditioning cleanser in your hair. Rinse and repeat are what the directions state. You will see a long lasting wonderful difference in your hair immediately.

Chaz Dean (@CHAZDEAN) has been involved in cosmetology for a long time. He began in school in Los Angeles school where cutting and coloring where the most important. He took a job in a hair salon in Bel Air neighborhood in Los Angeles. Eventually, Chaz took on some extremely important clients that love his work. The celebrities ended up moving with Chaz when he created his own Hollywood salon.

Chaz is always creating new and exciting formulas. His most popular formulas are things like Sweet Almond Mint and Lavender. Each season the formulas improve and begin to be selected as part of the gift packs on QVC. The Wen hair care line does have a fragrance free formula that still cleanses and treats the hair. New for the holidays is Apple Spice and Bamboo Green Tea.

If your hair is dead looking and the ends are splitting, call on the professionals. Wen by Chaz Dean can give your hair back the life it lost. The hair will be thicker and smoother. The condition of your hair will show every time it moves.

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